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With financial support to
professional success!

We have a large number of funding options for your professional training as an airline pilot. We would be happy to present the various funding programs at federal and state level.

Activation and placement voucher

As the successor to the earlier placement voucher, the activation and placement voucher (AVGS) is often equated with or confused with the education voucher. However, the document is an independent one and describes a very extensive way of getting back into the primary labor market with the help of support from unemployment or job search. The ultimate goal of this voucher is always to create or significantly increase the chances of integration into employment that is subject to compulsory insurance. Let's first take a look at the most important key data on the activation and referral voucher:

  • Promotes job search assistance from private employment agencies

  • Enables free job coaching or further training with certified providers of measures

  • The activation and placement voucher is primarily aimed at recipients of unemployment benefit I

  • as a discretionary benefit, recipients of ALG II can also receive an AVGS

  • Founders and non-beneficiaries are also fundamentally eligible

  • AVGS is usually issued for a limited period of time

Further vocational training is supported by the Employment Agency with an education voucher if certain requirements are met. If you are unemployed or threatened with unemployment, the costs of your training at AET Aviation will be fully covered by the Federal Employment Agency. You will then receive the so-called education voucher, which guarantees that the costs of further education will be covered. AET Aviation is an accredited educational institution. As part of our certification, we are authorized to accept training vouchers from the Federal Employment Agency as a training provider.

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