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AET Aviation
About us...

Welcome to AET We empower pilots With our many years of training experience, it is our mission to support pilots worldwide on their way into the cockpit.

Meet the Team!



AET was founded in 2015 as a learning platform to help aspiring pilots take their first steps in the world of aviation. The unique selling point was then and still is that the entire teaching staff and the management of AET are themselves active in aviation. Our expertise is based on many years of experience and is extremely practice-oriented.


Based on classroom training, our business model quickly proved to be so successful for the participating flight students that it was soon expanded to include ready entries.

A close network of TRIs and TREs not only enabled all ATPL subjects to be taught, but also preparation in the simulator and, with the help of trained aviation psychologists, interview coaching.


Since 2018, AET's efforts to place student pilots and ready entries with airlines have increasingly shifted to the internet. With a growing range of digital products and webinars, we have been able to reduce costs for our customers and at the same time create the opportunity to prepare for the assessment in a pleasant, homely atmosphere.


The crisis that began in 2020 and had an enormous impact on aviation worldwide also left its mark on AET. To protect our business model and support the large number of pilots who have become unemployed, we created Easy LPC, a platform specifically designed to enable pilots worldwide to obtain, renew and renew their licenses cost-effectively. AET became the company AET Aviation Training & Consulting GmbH, with the brands Airline Entry Training and Easy LPC.


AET app and certification as an educational institution


The AET app was created in 2022. Customers should be able to access and learn about their purchased AET products from anywhere in the world and at any time.

In addition, AET was the only pilot preparation platform to date to receive certification as an educational institution from TÜV Nord. In addition to the great honor, another quality feature of our products. ​

We are still expanding our courses and always strive to keep all content up to date in order to offer our customers the best possible opportunities in the highly competitive pilot market. AET became the company AET Aviation Training & Consulting GmbH, with the brands Airline Entry Training and Easy LPC.


Unique selling point


With AET as a partner, they have a strong team of airline pilots and aviation psychologists at their side who are always well informed about the current market. Our range of products is based entirely on knowledge gained from practice. All assessment preparations that we offer work specifically towards the profile of your desired airline.

With the AET app you have the possibility to repeat purchased courses at any time. Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have. Our special ability lies in the individual support of each individual customer.

As a certified training provider, only AET customers are allowed to use subsidies from the German state, including the Bundeswehr, and the EU on the pilot preparation market.

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