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Your flight into the future of aviation education

Digitalize your pilot training with

tailor-made multimedia concepts.

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Advanced flight training

training videos

We offer customized training videos for your flight operations manuals, standard operating procedures and flight maneuvers. These enable in-depth study in a visual environment and improve the learning outcome and the quality of the training. Our content is customizable for any aircraft type and language, easy to revise and can be integrated into any LMS (Learning Management System).

on all devices

While VR glasses offer a unique and immersive learning experience, our content is also accessible on tablets, smartphones and computers. This ensures that every student can benefit from our high-quality training materials, regardless of available technology or personal preference. Always and everywhere.

Developed by experts for the future

Your teaching materials on various flight procedures (SOPs) are designed into tailor-made training videos by our experienced professional pilots and flight instructors. Digitize all the know-how of your best trainers and ensure that all your students are trained to the highest level. We use our expertise to create visualized and voiced content.

Technology in the service of education

We are revolutionizing education with AI and VR, which accelerates production and revision and offers individual solutions. Flight schools and airlines hire us to develop and update training videos and VR content. Time-consuming creation with camera teams in the flight simulator is a thing of the past!


Revolutionize the quality of your pilot training

In the dynamic aviation industry, where the dream of flying is lived every day, outstanding and safe training is the key to success. Flight schools and airline training departments are faced with the challenge of preparing their student pilots and commercial pilots not only for a promising career in the sky, but also for critical situations in order to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone involved. The question that arises is: Why should aspiring commercial pilots and airlines invest in training that involves high training costs, both for real aircraft and flight simulators? The answer lies in the effectiveness and innovation of training methods - and this is exactly where we come in!

Our Offer


Universal Integration



Immersive Learning

Cost Efficiency

Purpose-built training videos and VR experiences, easily customizable and reworkable.

Easy integration into any LMS or use of our tailor-made system.

Content available on VR glasses, tablets, smartphones and computers.

Content created by professional pilots and experienced teachers.

Improved learning outcomes through virtual and VR-supported training.

Reduced training costs through innovative technologies.


Use AET to prepare your student pilots and pilots for successful and safe work in the cockpit! Take a look at our demo to get an idea of ​​our training videos and LMS. Contact us today to learn more about our customized training solutions and VR experiences and how we can revolutionize your training programs.

Push the boundaries of traditional training with AET, your partner for the future of aviation education.

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