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With financial support to
professional success!

We have a large number of funding options for your professional training as an airline pilot. We would be happy to present the various funding programs at federal and state level.

1. Claim of the career development service

The Bundeswehr's career development service (BFD) is intended to prepare professional soldiers, temporary soldiers (SaZ) and those doing voluntary military service (FWDL) for leaving active service and to give them the opportunity for professional and social advancement through vocational and school education or further training. This entitlement is based on the Soldiers' Pensions Act (SVG) and offers a wide range of options that are based on the length of the service obligation and systematically build on one another. In addition to active Bundeswehr soldiers, former temporary soldiers are also entitled to qualified advice.

2. Advice from the vocational development service

The primary aim is to improve opportunities on the general labor market and those eligible for funding receive comprehensive, personal and individual advice, which also takes into account the requirements of the candidates concerned. Basically, everyone's suitability, inclination and performance are taken into account, but in addition to the possibility of achieving a specific career goal, the current labor market situation is also taken into account. The career development service is assigned to the Bundeswehr career centers and consists of 16 departments across Germany, which in turn are divided into 86 location teams.

3. In-service support from the BFD


The vocational development service offers its support and integration measures during active military service in order to exploit the soldiers' existing potential, refresh existing knowledge and expand skills. Depending on their personal requirements, the soldiers also have the opportunity to completely reorient themselves professionally. The offer is divided into internal and external measures. In collaboration with well-known providers in the field of vocational training and further education, the vocational development service sets up internal measures that are tailored to the current needs of those entitled to support. In addition, the special features of the military service and the specific location as well as economic efficiency are taken into account. The current requirements of the education and labor market also serve as a benchmark when offering career development services. In principle, soldiers are also entitled to support from external measures, such as direct instruction, distance learning or distance learning courses offered by public or private educational institutions.

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