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Welcome to Airline Entry Training!

Your training partner for all common airline recruitment tests.


With our many years of training experience for assessment centers in the aviation industry, it is our mission to prepare you as well as possible for your upcoming recruitment tests.

Our team, consisting of active pilots, instructors and psychologists, will provide you with comprehensive training from CBT training and ATPL knowledge to simulator screening and job interviews.

Thanks to a wide-ranging network that we have been expanding ever since the company was founded, we always have the latest data on which airlines are screening, what they are focusing on and which hurdles and stumbling blocks you as an applicant have to deal with.

Our core competency is the creation of a tailor-made training course for you, which should prepare you in great detail for the hiring process of your desired airline in great detail.


We look forward to working with you!

Airline Entry Training - your way into the cockpit

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