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Anyone who wants to gain a foothold with an airline in German-speaking countries will not be able to avoid the DLR test (BU, GU, BQ), Interpersonal or the Höhnerbach test. Most international airlines today also use similar test procedures to make an initial pre-selection of potential pilots. The skills to be demonstrated are so broad that they require an intensive preparation phase.

With our modular system we would like to support you in passing this first test phase for the pilot job. For up to five days we will teach you online via video link in the subjects of English, mathematics and physics, to pave the way for you to pass all the CBTs you need and refresh your ATPL knowledge should you apply as a Ready Entry.

Our courses are held exclusively by active commercial pilots and can be tailored specifically to the airlines you wish to apply to. Do not hesitate to send us an email with all the relevant facts before you book.

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