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With financial support to
professional success!

We have a large number of funding options for your professional training as an airline pilot. We would be happy to present the various funding programs at federal and state level.

Tax Benefits

As a rule, the tax office recognizes further training in an unlimited amount, because it is an investment for the professional future.

What training costs does the tax office recognize?


The tax office is generally accommodating when it comes to the tax recognition of training costs, and usually recognizes the expenses for the following professional training as income-related expenses:

  • Further training in the profession (seminars, webinars, courses, etc.)

  • Retraining

  • Second and further training after completing the first vocational training

  • Studies after completing vocational training

  • Postgraduate or second degree

Which training costs can I claim as income-related expenses?


You can claim the allocable course fees, costs for necessary literature, software and all work materials if the tax office basically recognizes the further training as professionally required. You can also claim any travel expenses incurred (travel, accommodation, meals, etc.) as income-related expenses.


With the income-related cost calculator you can calculate your tax savings on the following page: ​

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